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Re: TurboTax Replacement

Mike Jang wrote:

While this is getting off-topic, it's based on a key issue for the Linux

Speaking of personal finance software, I gather Bruce Perens who was
quoted recently as saying he still has a Microsoft Windows computer for
Quicken and TurboTax.


I don't think GNUCash really cuts it, but I recognize there are people
working on the Quicken compatibility / feature issue. However, I don't
hear any mention of (U.S.) Tax software.

Is there anything on the horizon for a Linux port or some GNU substitute
for TurboTax? Or do people here who no longer use MS Windows just do
their taxes with a pencil (or an accountant who probably uses MS

In Canada we can file online using http://ufile.ca :-)

I think this is the last big unscratched itch before Linux can seriously penetrate the consumer desktop market.


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