Old farts and new Linux

chuck_sterling csterlin at zianet.com
Wed May 5 00:30:43 UTC 2004

On Mon, 03 May 2004 19:14:23 -0300, Betti Ann & Preston Smith wrote:

> tests.  One month later I was learning COBOL, three months later I was

Right around Y2K there was a story about an old COBOL programmer that was
yanked out of retirement to fix the Y2K bugs in a small mountain of legacy
COBOL code, still in use since the 70's or so. In fact there was too much
work and pressure, and the old guy opted, with all his newfound wealth, to
have himself frozen into suspended animation until Y2K was over and the
constant hounding for his services would be ended. As luck would have it,
someone dropped the ball, and for thousands of years he remained asleep,
unaware of the passage of time. When finally he was thawed and awakened,
he asked the doctor if it had worked and was it now the year 2000. The
doctor apologized and told him that he had been forgotten and it was only
a concerted search for talent that had brought them to awaken him. They
had heard he knew COBOL, and Y10K was just around the corner...

Have a nice day...

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