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Re: Fedora desktop experience: Great, but not quite all I need

Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:

1) Email. I had some problems getting Evolution 1.4 to talk nicely with my RH 9 email server via imaps and smtp-auth over tls. I'm still working through that, but I got email working by allowing relay from the desktop box. My wife is getting used to the interface, but it's no big deal for her, so that's a plus.

What is the configuration of the server? If it is using postfix I may be able to help you... What errors do you get?

- Olympus C-750 UltraZoom. I couldn't get gtkam to initialize the camera, no matter what camera I selected. The autoselect kept finding it as a C-2040Z, which would have been fine if it could have initialized the camera. I suppose I'd have to use one of those card readers, but I don't know if any of them read Olympus xD cards. This one's a deal-killer for my wife. I'll have to dual boot if I can't get this one working.

I looked at the gphoto2 website , and they list this camera as supported.. (http://www.gphoto.org/proj/libgphoto2/support.php) Maybe you could try it instead of gtkam...

5) Video. I couldn't even get my video off of my Canon Optura 20 camcorder and onto the computer with dvgrab. I've left a message on the dvgrab message board and haven't heard back these last few days. I found a couple of messages in archives that hint that ieee1394 isn't working properly yet in linux, so that may be why I had the problems. I could control the camera, but just not capture the video over the firewire port. Go figure. I may try again when I get the new motherboard installed. I don't think it's the board, though, since this works flawlessly in Win2K.

I cant speak for myself , as I dont have any Firewire devices , but I've heard that firewire support is problematic only in the 2.6 kernel (in FC2T3 , it was disabled , because trying to use it could hang the computer very badly) , but looks like 2.6.6 has a fix already...

Bottom line: Fedora is almost there for my personal needs. Great look, good experience, but not all of the apps I need are working yet. For now, I may have to look at purchasing XP to take advantage of the SATA ports on the new motherboard.

Well, that's one reason why I still dual-boot (it was tri-boot with FC1 , FC2T3 and windows xp , now it's only FC2T3 and XP).. I'm really a game addict , so I need XP.. But besides that , I can live happily with fedora as my main OS...

Pedro Macedo

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