Urgent help needed with Login problems after installation of FC1

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Wed May 5 02:33:27 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 21:46, Gary Rickert wrote:
>I have loaded 7 times in the last 2 days, formatting each time.
> Different ways with different symptoms. The only time this has
> worked was with default load plus Gnome. Everytime I have added
> anything, I get the failed login at the Fedora login screen and
> problems in single user. I have scoured the passwd and shadow
> files. I need some idea of what to look for. I have not worked with
> Unix in many years, and Fedora is a different beast.
The login command is part of the util-linux package.  I coulda sworn I 
installed util-linux-2.12n day before yesterday, but an rpm -qa |grep 
util-linux says its 2.11y-29, so I'm puzzled.  Da**ed puzzled.  Its 
working although I am getting errors from /root/.bashrc when I do 
something like "su amanda -c "amcheck DailySet1" with the error spit 
out before the command itself runs just fine.  I didn't have that 
before, with a slightly newer util-linux installed at that time.

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>Jeff Vian wrote:
>> Gary Rickert wrote:
>>> Exactly:
>>> $ su bob
>>> su: incorrect password
>>> and no to LDAP.
>> Is this even giving you a password prompt?
>I took a quick glance at the su source code, and it appears that su
>almost always returns "Incorrect password" on failure, even in
>situations where the failure is not actually due to an incorrect
>password (e.g. a failed PAM call).  Hey, I didn't write it.
>So I'm stumped; this could be anything.  I'd start from square
>one...format, reinstall, and keep complete track of where things go
>wrong.  My guess is that it's something simple, like a stray colon
> in "/etc/password" or something.

Cheers, Gene
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