OFF TOPIC: directory tree script file problem

Mick Mearns off_by_1 at
Wed May 5 10:47:51 UTC 2004

Hello list;
  for some time I have been struggling with a script problem.

What I want to do is scan a directory structure and re-create it
without any files.

When I download files I put them into my home directory and then later
copy them to /mnt/DOWNLOADS

I want to copy the directory structure of /mnt/DOWNLOADS into
without any files.

Then I can put files where they belong without duplication.

Periodicaly I burn /mnt/DOWNLOADS to CD for safety.

I cannot figure out how to create the empty directory tree.
I have tried various incantations of sed/cut/file and managed to
destroy the file system on a test box! (I was root)

Help would be appreciated.

   Mick M.

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