OFF TOPIC: directory tree script file problem

Doncho N. Gunchev mr700 at
Wed May 5 11:19:31 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 13:47, Mick Mearns wrote:
> Hello list;
>   for some time I have been struggling with a script problem.
> What I want to do is scan a directory structure and re-create it
> without any files.
> When I download files I put them into my home directory and then later
> copy them to /mnt/DOWNLOADS
> I want to copy the directory structure of /mnt/DOWNLOADS into
> /home/mick
> without any files.
how about this?
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cd	# go to your home or go to the dir where you want the dir structure
(cd /mnt/DOWNLOADS; find . -type d) | xargs mkdir -p
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