OS Performance (was OT: New low for Microsoft!)

duncan brown duncanbrown at linuxadvocate.net
Wed May 5 12:19:50 UTC 2004

Gabriel M. Beddingfield said:

> This brings up a question I have about Fedora.  I recently installed FC1
>  on an 800 MHz Celeron with 128MB RAM.  I'm a Linux newbie.  The system
> is dual-booted with Windows ME.  Yes, I know that I'm running below
> recommended specs.

that's your problem right there.  128mb of ram.  my pIII 700mhz at work
was usable, but SLOW AS ANYTHING, when i installed fc1.  toss in another
128mb and i'm off to the races.  i rarely even touch the swap file
(virtual memory).

find another 128mb of ram and you'll be set.  a celeron 800 with 512mb
will suit your needs for quite a few more releases of fedora (probably for
another 5 or more years).


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