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Re: Tackling a shared USB printer (linux -> WXP)


Just for the record:  I don't have any "printing = xxx" in my samba.conf
file.  There is a printing = bsd line but it's commented out and the block
comment above it states that this line should not be necessary unless using
a non-standard printing system.


P.S.  I've got the Mac printing through the Samba share as opposed to using
LPD or AppleTalk or IPP directly.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Tim Waugh" <twaugh redhat com>

To people seeing this problem (needing to define a raw print queue for
Windows printing to a Linux-hosted queue to work), do you have
'printing = cups' in /etc/samba/smb.conf?  Does putting it there

I'm starting to wonder if samba is missing a
'cupsAddOption("raw",[...])'.  Raw printing should work with this
(equivalent to 'lpr -oraw ...') even with octet-stream commented out
in mime.convs.

This is how gimp-print manages to print raw data to a non-raw queue
for instance.


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