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Re: OT: New low for Microsoft!

Preston Crawford said:
> If I do, there's something fundamentally wrong with the software I'm
> running. Either that or the software better be balancing my checkbook,
> running my budget, setting up appointments for me, answering my voice
> mail and returning phone calls per my instructions and looking up all
> data I request via voice recognition. Oh, and it should carry on
> conversations with me if I'm bored. Meaning, this kind of power means
> the software better be doing a lot more than just bloating an already
> bloated OS and adding a few minor software enhancements. Otherwise, I
> don't see what Longhorn could do to justify these specs.

uh, my friend had a compaq that did all of that... IN 1995.

checkbook - check
budget - check
appointments - check (well, managing but not actively doing them, it did
have reminders)
voice mail - check
voice recognition - she actually did have dragon dictate, or something

now, conversations... well, IIRC she IRC'd.

oh, and it had tv abilities.

all that on a 486/66


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