Routing and bandwidth problem

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at
Wed May 5 13:33:58 UTC 2004

From: "Jeff Vian" <jvian10 at>
> Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
> Not necessary to use that many adapters,  It can easily be done on 2,
>  one for the internet and one for the LAN.
> Linux can run multiple IPs on a single adapter by using aliases in the
> config, and then using the traffic shaper utils you can set bandwidth
> for each.
> The only real problem will come in if they decide to snoop and since
> with this method they would all be on the same physical network they
> might find the other machines.

Actually, if he hooks the four tennents and the router to a five port
switch, the tennents won't be able to sniff anything but the broadcast


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