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Re: Users, groups and directory access

duncan brown wrote:
A.J. Bonnema said:

Sounds like John just needs to log out and back in again. There's
little effective difference between primary and supplementary groups.

It still doesn't work. However, I checked the group membership of john after applying "gpasswd -a john proj" and -- even after exit and creating a new terminal -- the command "groups" does not show proj. It only shows john as group, while f.i. root has a whole bunch of groups.

Is gpasswd the wrong utility here?

do this for me, please:

egrep 'john|proj' /etc/passwd /etc/group

and post the results to the list. let's see what we're working with, first.

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for your reaction, but the problem was solved when I did a logoff from my X-session...
Besides, I had changed my (dutch) names to english, so the grep wouldn't match my example.

Thanks anyway.

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