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Re: Apache document tree location on Fedora

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 09:21, Jay Daniels wrote:

> Installing and setting up squirrelmail is so simple, why would you use
> the rpm anyway since there is actually nothing to compile?
> Using the tar.gz package and putting a link from squirrelmail-version
> to a directory possibly named webmail or squirrelmail makes it easy to
> switch versions just by changing the soft link.  That way you can test
> new versions of squirrelmail by untaring the package, deleting the old
> link and linking the new source directory.

I agree with you, but I've had this conversation before.  What it came
down to previously, is that some people just get spooked when faced with
'source code' and would rather just use a package manager that will take
care of the 'spooky stuff' for them.

It's unfortunate (in my view) because there's a lot of power to be had
at a command prompt.  It's not for everyone though.

Some people have differently sized comfort zones and the more you try to
push them to explore before they're ready, the harder they fight back.


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