Routing and bandwidth problem

duncan brown duncanbrown at
Wed May 5 15:00:59 UTC 2004

Rodolfo J. Paiz said:
> It seems to me that this would work perfectly *if* each tenant either
> configures all their machines with static IP addresses or has some other
>  way of handing out IP addresses. I do not see how to use DHCP to assign
> the block to Tenant #1, the block to
> Tenant #2,  etc. via DHCP on a single server if all of them are coming
> in via a switch.
> Once everyone has an IP address, this is great. But how to assign them?

you can set dhcpd to assign specific ips and hostnames to specific
hardware addresses (mac/ethernet address).

personally, (this is just me), you should act as an isp, not as someone
providing everyone with internal networking.  give them a single ethernet
drop, have them buy a simple firewall/router box from staples (they're
like $50) and let them take care of everything on their end.

that way you could limit what connects to your system by mac address of
the routers, preventing them from abusing your system.


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