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Re: Intel extreme graphics - does it work?

Am Mi, den 05.05.2004 schrieb Jeremy Brown um 16:41:
> Tim Kossack wrote:
> >also, afaik if it's a centrino, wlan is hard to get to run?
> >  
> >
> Don't know much about your graphics chipset, but I can attest that 
> getting Linux and Centrino to cooperate is not fun at all.  I've been 
> able to get it to work on my laptop part of the time using ndiswrapper 
> (http://ndiswrapper.sf.net), but with some stability issues.  I 
> eventually got tired of having to restart my laptop every few hours, and 
> just shoved in a PCMCIA wlan card instead.
> It's really unfortunate, since so many new laptops ship with Centrino by 
> default.


have you tried the preview of the new intel driver?


i'm confused about the different intel wlan chipsets. does just the 2100
(without "a") ships with centrino (banias core)? i guess so, assuming
"a" is 801.54 a, and "bg" stands for 801.54g and neither ships currently
with banias, right?!

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