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Re: Tackling a shared USB printer (linux -> WXP)

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 11:01:08AM -0400, Bob Chiodini wrote:

> Testing with the uncommented mime.* octet-stream options seems
> unnecessary at this point.  The "cups options = raw" samba options seems
> to take care of.  From the docs I read earlier this morning, I would
> have expected that to be the default when specifying "printing = cups".

The SAMBA guide seems to recommend uncommenting the mime.convs line,
but 'cups options = raw' seems to me like the real solution.  One
reason for leaving mime.convs as it is was given to me by Johannes
Meixner on the CUPS mailing list:

"Any unknown MIME type would fall back to application/octet-stream and
would be sent in raw mode to the destination."

> BTW:  The above testing on RH9 produces no output for test 1 and works
> correctly for test 2.  The "cups options" parm is not available in RH9's
> samba.  I must uncomment the mime.* octet-stream lines for RH9 to print
> PS from windows, but not PCL.  I would have expected the opposite.

Yes, it's new to version 3 I think.


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