OS Performance (was OT: New low for Microsoft!)

bugler at teuton.org bugler at teuton.org
Wed May 5 16:00:17 UTC 2004

> From: "Bob Shaffer" <fedora at bobshafferscomputer.com>
> Certain programs take a long time to start.  Usually there is an alternate
> program that starts faster if you don't like it.  I normally use faster
> window managers like blackbox or enlightenment. 
> Switching/shading/minimizing/restoring/etc windows with them is always
> instantaneous.  Gnome and KDE have become almost as bloated as MS Windows
> over the past few years, and I just prefer simplicity anyway.

This may be what I'm looking for!  Thanks very much.

slow switching makes for a hard sell for people like my wife.  i'm already 
sold.  >:-)


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