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Re: Apache document tree location on Fedora

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 06:39 am, Ron Goulard wrote:

> I agree with you, but I've had this conversation before.  What it
> came down to previously, is that some people just get spooked when
> faced with 'source code' and would rather just use a package manager
> that will take care of the 'spooky stuff' for them.

Ron, I've been unafraid of source code since before some members of this 
list were born, but the fact is that there are some good reasons for 
using package mangers.

The one that easily comes to mind is that with a package manager I can 
just run apt-get automagically every night, and keep a few hundred 
systems updated.

> It's unfortunate (in my view) because there's a lot of power to be
> had at a command prompt.  It's not for everyone though.

As far as command prompts are concerned, I laughed when I read the 
thread about how to use all the new desktop tools to set up groups for 
multiple users to have access to the same files; for command-line guys 
like you and me it would have taken under a minute to set up everything 
from the command line.

But even command line users can find lots of reasons to use RPM.  
Especially with YUM and apt-get.

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