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Re: OT: New low for Microsoft!

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 07:35 am, Preston Crawford wrote:

> I think you missed my point. What I'm saying is that with that kind
> of horsepower the machine better have some kind of Artificial
> Intelligence and be doing the above functions

With that much required horsepower what your typical Longhorn-based 
computer will be doing will be:

1) making sure you don't watch movies you don't own

2) making sure you don't listen to music you don't own

3) making sure you don't look at websites that someone thinks you 

4) making sure you don't read or send email someone thinks you shouldn't


5) and 6)

making sure you don't make copies on your hard disk of CDs (5) and DVDs 
(6) you do own, but aren't allowed to backup.


7) sending the government copies of everything you do, so the government 
doesn't have to maintain all those big brother computers they've 
installed at the major ISPs.

1984 is just 20 years or so late.


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