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Re: C1T3 Remaining Time

Am Mi, den 05.05.2004 schrieb David Collantes um 19:28:

> > Please discuss test release issues on the proper list for that:
> > fedora-test-list redhat com  If having development related suggestions
> > there is fedora-devel-list redhat com 
> fedora-list - For users of releases
> fedora-test-list - For testers of test releases
> What should we be talking about on this list? I believe my remark was more 
> appropiated for this list than the "old fart" long thread. Since Fedora is not 
> a release yet (we are still going through test reeleases), fedora-list should 
> be silent.

1) http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/communicate/ is a bit more
precise than Elliot's list reminder:
fedora-list - For users of Fedora Core releases
fedora-test-list - For testers of Fedora Core test releases

2) What do you mean by "Fedora ist not a release yet"? Sorry, that is
nonsense. Fedora Core 1 is the first stable release of Fedora and out
since month now. We a short looking forward the second stable release.

3) Fedora Core 2 is meanwhile in stage test 3, the third test release.
Why should it be silent? If you would make any effort looking at it's
archive you would see that since FC2 test 1 there is much discussion
going on.

> Alexander, if you do not have anything good to contribute, just keep your 
> fingers off the keyboard. I have been following your replies to newbies and 
> others here and they have driven me to imagine you as a grouchy old man (which 
> happens to be helpfull at times).

I do not comment your opionion about me. It is left to you and the
others on this list to judge.

But I feel free ton intervene in cases like your initial posting of this
thread, as once we begin to mix stable release discussions and test
release issue we will very quickly end up in a big confusion. Why do you
think Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com> is reminding to choose the proper
mailing list for communication?

> David Collantes

Feel free to ignore or filter out my contributions.


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