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Re: Routing and bandwidth problem

Rodolfo J. Paiz said:
> Hey, maybe not! Going on duncan brown's comment about spending $75 per
> tenant on a small Netgear router, those do masquerading, right? So if I
> went that route, then they each have their individual subnet but *I* get
>  all traffic coming from a single IP address! At that point I *can*
> simply  plug all tenants into the switch, and do traffic
> shaping/limiting based on  the IP address, and only use two NIC's in the
> central server. Eliminates  the DHCP requirement, and I can also filter
> by MAC address for additional  security.
> I'm starting to like that idea more and more.

yeah, i had a computer in my home office room that was doing routing
(basically an ethernet bridge), dhcpd, bind and all kinds of stuff. 
really expensive on the power, too... and then i just said 'fuck it', went
out and got an ethernet bridge and a hub.

just because you can do it and make it complicated under linux doesn't
mean that you need to.  =]  some things that don't require microsoft also
don't require linux =]

though, why wouldn't you need dhcpd?  you'll still have to serve out ips
to your ''customers''...


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