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Re: How to block Kazaa; NIS authentication

It sounds like you need to get samba, NIS, and NFS all set up.  You'll
basically have to pick a server from the FC1 machines, export /home with
NFS, and then set up the other FC1 machines to authenticate with NIS. 
Once you have that working, it should be fairly simple to set up samba to
act as a PDC for the W2K machine.  You can make it use the system password
file to authenticate, use roaming profiles, etc.  If you just look at the
smb.conf file you will see how everything is done.  It's well commented. 
There is always the man page too.  As far as blocking Kazaa on the server,
you probably don't need to.  Without running something that listens on
that port on the server, all that will happen is a refused connection.

If you really want to, though, you can use iptables to do it.  If you're
using the iptables init.d script that comes with FC1, I have no idea.  I
write my own firewalling scripts and deny everything by default.

Also, I remember that when I set up NIS on a computer with a firewall
script, you have to override the port numbers for ypserv and a few others.
 Most of it can be done from files inside /etc/sysconfig/, but I had to
look through the init.d scripts to figure out what to put there.

Artur Sampaio said:
> Hi everyone...
> I have installed a small network for a client. It was composed by a
> server and 3 clients running FC1, and a client running Win2k.
> I have 3 questions:
> 1) The W2k user insist in use kazaa, that was prohibited from
> enterprise's owner.....I wish to block the port of kazaa on the server
> (iptables??). someone knows how?
> 2) I wish to use NIS to manage users from the server. It is possible
> that the W2k authenticate with NIS?
> 3) How to make the home's user the same on any machine that's he use?
> (NFS? samba?)
> Finally, i wish to congratulate all the list. Here i'm learn more than
> on any manual, tutorial and so on....
> Thanks in advice
> (sorry for my english.... i'm still learning... )
> Artur José Ferro Sampaio
> São Carlos - SP - BR
> --
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