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Re: Software RAID disk partitioning (FC1)

Dhananjay Makwana wrote:


I need to create a softwrare RAID (RAID 1) on a system with two hard
disks (equal size 250G). I know i can do that in Fedora anaconda installer "Disk druid" program.
I created two "software raid" partitions (one on each disk /dev/hda1 and
/dev/hdc1). What I am not sure is how do I create regular partitions now ? Disk
druid allows me to create "/" and swap partitions but then it changes
the raid partitions to be on /dev/hdc and creates those partitions on
/dev/hda space.

I read the Software RAID howto but could not find relevant information.
Can somebody point me to correct procedure ?

Thanks in advance, - Jay

Did you de-select the other disk when creating each software raid partition? If you left both disks selected, then they can be moved to other disks as more partitions are created.
Did you click the "Make Raid" button to create a filesystem using your two raid partitions?
Take a look at:

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