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Re: setup mail server

Jeremy Brown wrote:

Sendmail handles SMTP, and Fedora includes a generic IMAP server as well (I don't remember who makes it...dove something, I think).

dovecot... Good software.. Has support for IMAP , IMAPS and POP3... I dont remmember the standard config that comes with Fedora , but I believe it comes with everything disabled , so it's pretty useless if you just start the service without configuring it properly.

There should be almost zero configuration for IMAPd. Install it ("yum install imapd"), enable it at boot time (with "ntsysv", for example), and your users should be able to log in. Easy as pie.

It depends.. Dovecot has a lot of configuration , but the config file has lots of comments and examples.
One thing I'd like to point to Nina... I worked as a sysadmin and when I first tried to learn sendmail , it worked , but not perfectly... If you get too tired of trying to understand sendmail , you can try postfix.. It has a good security record (3 serious bugs so far , against about 48 in sendmail , according to cvre.org) and it's configuration is simple and very commented. Also , the postfix.org website has a huge documentation and lots of howtos about lots of different configurations (from simple configurations to vhosts using databases...)

Pedro Macedo

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