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Re: Old Farts (Was: Re: new FC1 install problems)

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 12:05, Jeff Lasman wrote:
>On Monday 03 May 2004 07:44 am, duncan brown wrote:
>(And "pot" was a something you cooked something in.)

Yeah, well, Iowa corn farmers have been smoking ditchweed since long 
before they started building covered bridges in Madison County.  I 
grew up around them and they (the bridges) were old and rickity then.
Heck, I've been in the house a fella named Marion Morrison was born in 
several times.  You know him as John Wayne.

The ditchweed was best when fresh though.  But they didn't share very 
often either, kept the ATF out of their hair that way.   I got my 
first toke in Cal, back in the 70's.  Can't say as it did anything 
for me one way or the other, so it still doesn't bother me when I 
smell it one way or the other.  The local stuff resembles sulpheric 
acid, CP IMO.

Cheers, gene

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