TESTERS NEEDED: Experienced users of the mailman program to test update package

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Thu May 6 01:09:46 UTC 2004

Warren Togami is looking for people willing to test a new mailman
package, meant to be included in FC2. And he has related to me that he
wants to get several reports back from people to make sure the new
package is working. So I'm extending the call out to experienced
fedora users using FC1 and who have experience with mailman to follow
warren's instructions and provide feedback to the open bug report
against this issue. Please don't be tempted to mess with a production
mailman system, but if you do have experience setting up and working
with mailman and can test this package on in a non critical
environment your help would be appreciated.


Warren writes:


Anyone using FC1 or FC2 mailman?  Please rebuild this SRPM and see if it
works for you.  I tried to address the rpm -V and .py byte compile
issue, but I am unable to quickly test this myself.  Be prepared to
downgrade back to the previous mailman version with --oldpackage if this
test has failed.

If this works, FC2 can finally fix this bug...

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