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Thu May 6 02:32:42 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 21:31, Jason M Evans wrote:
>   We've been having virus trouble on our network, so I set my computer
> as the host and I've been staying on the Fedora side of my partition.  I
> downloaded and printed some firewall tutorials, but it's hard to
> understand (I'm new to Linux).  Can someone help me set up a good
> firewall?  Also, is it possible to set up a Linux firewall that will
> work even when my Windows side of the partition is booted instead?
> Also, if it's okay to ask two easy questions in the same posting, here
> they are (let me know if I should post separately):
> [I have searched for these answers to no avail]
>   How do I set Evolution to automatically Send/Receive upon program
> start?
>   How do I change the color of windows in Fedora, the gray inside part
> of windows?  
> Thanks, this is exciting.  I am pursuing an MIS degree and planning to
> pursue Red Hat Certification.  I am excited about my long adventure. 
> [just a bit of introduction]
> Jason.
I here you want to work with this stuff, so I'll add some extras (for

This group has prebuilt firewalls
That said no firewall will protect you (directly) from viruses since
they can travel in on any media or connection. Only a good enforceable,
security/usage policy will help. This will include (but not limited to)
policies on;

1) Anti-virus updates
2) Portable media usage
3) Any usage restrictions S.A for work only
4) Recovery procedures 
5) Other stuff

Check these sites also
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