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Re: Wine - does it really work?

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 7:47 pm, Mac wrote:
> Step-by-step I'm able to see my windows drive and it's
> content.  The last time here I was given the
> /mnt/windows statement which I just tried and I now
> can at least go through Nautilus and see the C: drive.

This means that there's nothing wrong with your Linux setup - file permissions 

> My new question is how do you get 'wine' to run
> windows programs.  I've typed in the statement "wine
> /<path>/program but it just keeps telling me that the
> program can't be found.  What might be the next step
> in this process.  I am determined to learn and
> understand Linux.

You really need to configure Wine.  I used winesetupgtk, but you could do it 
manually.  Specifically you need to set up a map between Wine/Windows drive 
letters and Linux paths.   Here's an extract from my ~/.wine/config

> Thanks,
> Mac
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