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RE: Firewall

I was pointed to firestarter and am pleased with it so far.


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On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 21:31, Jason M Evans wrote:
>   We've been having virus trouble on our network, so I set my computer

> as the host and I've been staying on the Fedora side of my partition.

> I downloaded and printed some firewall tutorials, but it's hard to 
> understand (I'm new to Linux).  Can someone help me set up a good 
> firewall?  Also, is it possible to set up a Linux firewall that will 
> work even when my Windows side of the partition is booted instead?
> Also, if it's okay to ask two easy questions in the same posting, here

> they are (let me know if I should post separately):
> [I have searched for these answers to no avail]
>   How do I set Evolution to automatically Send/Receive upon program 
> start?
>   How do I change the color of windows in Fedora, the gray inside part

> of windows?
> Thanks, this is exciting.  I am pursuing an MIS degree and planning to

> pursue Red Hat Certification.  I am excited about my long adventure. 
> [just a bit of introduction]
> Jason.
I here you want to work with this stuff, so I'll add some extras (for

This group has prebuilt firewalls http://www.linuxguruz.com/iptables/
That said no firewall will protect you (directly) from viruses since
they can travel in on any media or connection. Only a good enforceable,
security/usage policy will help. This will include (but not limited to)
policies on;

1) Anti-virus updates
2) Portable media usage
3) Any usage restrictions S.A for work only
4) Recovery procedures 
5) Other stuff

Check these sites also

jludwig <wralphie comcast net>

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