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Re: cron mail for root going to provider mail server

Am Do, den 06.05.2004 schrieb Alexander Volovics um 10:42:

> Why is cron generated mail for root being relayed to my
> providers smtp server when using postfix?

I suspect you defined your ISP's MTA as SMART_HUB and Postfix is
misconfigured and does not know local domains.

> If I remember correctly this did not happen with the default
> sendmail setup.

Certainly not. Reread the documentation and your configuration files,
especially the parts you did change.

> Was internally generated mail for root even being delivered by
> sendmail/postfix/exim in previous redhats before RH9?

Of course! (Exim was up till now never part of any Redhat release, nor
Fedora Core, will be first shipped with FC2)

Best way to read root's mail is to define an alias entry which redirects
the mail to an unprivileged user account. This way you can get and read
it using any mail client. Else you are bound to a root console, xterm or
SSH connection.

> Alexander


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