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Re: Firewall

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From: "J. Erik Hemdal" <ehemdal townisp com>
To: <fedora-list redhat com>
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 7:56 AM
Subject: RE: Firewall

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> > Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 20:31:02 -0500
> > From: Jason M Evans <jasonevans9 cox net>
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> >   We've been having virus trouble on our network, so I set my computer
> > as the host and I've been staying on the Fedora side of my partition.  I
> > downloaded and printed some firewall tutorials, but it's hard to
> > understand (I'm new to Linux).  Can someone help me set up a good
> > firewall?  Also, is it possible to set up a Linux firewall that will
> > work even when my Windows side of the partition is booted instead?
> >
> Hi Jason, and welcome.  Hope you enjoy the ride.
> It sounds as though you have a dual-boot system with Fedora on one side
> Windows on the other.  I'm not sure what you mean by setting your computer
> as the host, but I'll try to help.
> You won't be able to run a Linux firewall when you are running Windows, at
> least without a lot of grief.  You might get a Linux firewall to run if
> build it under Cygwin and leave that running, or possibly with VMware or
> some other sort of virtualization software.  These are guesses on my part,
> because I've not tried it.  Even if one of these methods would work, I'd
> expect you'd find it to be slow and fragile.  That's precisely what you
> don't want in a firewall.
> If you are running Windows XP, you have a Windows firewall out of the box,
> just click the checkbox to turn it on.  If you don't have XP, you can
> a good firewall for Windows.  My favorite is ZoneAlarm, from Zone Labs,
> there are others.  Your antivirus software might also provide a firewall
> depending on what you bought.
> For the other questions, try posting separately.  Anyone who knows
> and GNOME, but who doesn't know firewalls will possibly never read your
> other questions, especially if they use a threaded reader.
> When I get to my Fedora box I will try to help, but that won't be for a
> while today.  But there are lots of people who can also help.
> Erik

Check out FireStarter.  Nice GUI interface and it is easy to setup a
firewall for linux.



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