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Re: Upgrade to FC2 [when it comes]

Am Do, den 06.05.2004 schrieb Kc2LTO - Andrew Ragone um 14:41:

> I was just wondering if it would be possible to keep the current server
> [RH9] up and install the updates that are found in FC2 [kernel, packages,
> etc] while the os is running or through the shell if you shutdown X. I'm
> sure there is some way to do it as there have been servers that run for
> years and they would have to update packages...but the kernel? I would
> believe there is some way...
> Thanks

Recently someone pointed me to a subject on the development list, where
it was stated that even an upgrade from FC1 to FC2 will not work using
online methods like yum or up2date. Of course that would effect RH9 the

To your question about kernel updating/upgrading without need for a
reboot (if I did understand you correct): no, there is no way. A new
Linux kernel needs a complete reboot to be loaded.

And speaking about Linux systems with an uptime of years, that are
either systems with no network connections and no user accounts or the
responsible administrator has to be fired. Uptime is not in general a
quality measurement. Most often it is a sign that the admin does not
take care as he should.


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