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Re: Up2date alternative-revisited.

akonstam trinity edu wrote:

Ok, I'll accept that and at work with a T1 line that is not a bad idea. However, at home that is a disaster. To have to download all the headers just to find out if grip has to be updated over a modem line seems like too musch work. Why does youm not download just the header for the package I want and then check if it needs to bre updated.

Does this mean every time I run yum install all the headers have to be
re-downloaded. That does not seem like the way I would want it to
With apt-get it just looked for the package I was wanting to install
and told me if a newer version was available. I just don't understand
the approach of yum. Could someone  clarify?
Aaron Konstam
Computer Science
Trinity University
One Trinity Place.
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200

telephone: (210)-999-7484
email:akonstam trinity edu


There will be a very long list of headers that yum downloads initially. A *really* long list! After that the only headers that yum seems to download are updates (some of which are for apps not on my system). It's typically a very short list -- if any at all.

Now if you decide to add additional repo's to your /etc/yum.conf file, then you can expect all of those headers to be downloaded as well -- and that may take some time.

Hope this helps,
Clint Harshaw  <clint penguinsolutions org>

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