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Re: OT: New low for Microsoft!

Internet Exploder is just a warper for those explorer
It don't really do much by itself. Removing those dll will
severly cripples explorer; tree view, side panel, quick
launch and may other things will just dies.

Media player is just a very simple DirectShow player,
removing it wont impact much on the system IMO. (Removing
those associated dshow filters will, however)

--- lwj <wayne zkcelltest com> からのメッセージ:
> >  (these 
> > "features" are now so deeply integrated in the OS
> that you cant remove 
> > it without destroying half of the system..I wonder
> if they put the html 
> > rendering engine of IE in the windows kernel....).
> Don't fall for this M$ propaganda. IE, Media Player
> and the rest are
> JUST Windows applications. They can be removed. The
> *only* thing that
> *might* suffer is the on-line help if it uses HTML
> or video. These
> features could just as easily use another browser or
> player as long as
> M$ documents the interface they use.
> In fact, I believe that they are required to offer a
> stripped version of
> Windows for OEMs in Europe (or somewhere) because of
> a court case they
> just lost. 
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