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Re: Xine: full-screen back to window

Clint Harshaw írta:
I tried Xine for the first time last night for DVD playback. I clicked on ful-screen and it worked well -- except I could not figure out how to get it *out* of full-screen. I've Google'd for a solution, and didn't see any postings related (terms: xine full-screen), which makes me think there is something completely obvious that I have simplly overlooked.

I tried hovering the mouse in various positions on the screen, Esc, F<number>, Ctrl, etc. and none of those worked.

How do I get back to the original window out of full-screen mode in Xine?


You wanted to write this on xine-users AT lists.sf.net but here's the answer: Press 'F' - this toggles between full-screen and (stream-size) windowed mode.

You won't get back your original size if you resized the window.

There is a bug in metacity (the version that's in FC1) that
it won't allow the right-click menu or the xine xitk panel
to appear above the full-screened window. sawfish does not
have this problem.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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