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Re: Root mail -> user

Am Do, den 06.05.2004 schrieb Jeremy Brown um 16:08:

> Marc Siegel wrote:
> > How can I get all of root's mail to go to a user?

> Look in "/etc/aliases" for the lines:
> # Person who should get root's mail
> #root:          marc
> Uncomment the second line and change "marc" to the name of your user 
> account.  So for example:
> root:     jeremy
> ...would have root's mail going to me.
> Don't forget to run "newaliases" after making changes.
> Jeremy

As an annotation:

- the recipient can also be on a different system ->
root:       user elsewhere com

- you can redirect root's mail to more than one other user, and you can
keep root's for root while CC'ing someone else the mails too ->

root:       \root, userA, userB


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