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Re: Xine: full-screen back to window

Am Donnerstag 06 Mai 2004 17:28 schrieb Clint Harshaw:
> I tried Xine for the first time last night for DVD playback. I clicked
> on full-screen and it worked well -- except I could not figure out how
> to get it *out* of full-screen. I've Google'd for a solution, and didn't
> see any postings related (terms: xine full-screen), which makes me think
> there is something completely obvious that I have simply overlooked.
> I tried hovering the mouse in various positions on the screen, Esc,
> F<number>, Ctrl, etc. and none of those worked.
> How do I get back to the original window out of full-screen mode in Xine?
> Thanks,
> Clint

In my case, a simple double-click does the job.

double-clicking onto the small window changes to fullscreen mode and 
double-clicking anywhere in fullscreen mode changes it back to window mode.


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