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Re: arrgh <Sigh> auto mounting cd-rw gets in my way...

It would appear that on May 5, Bob Shaffer did say:

> If you're using KDE, there is an autorun.desktop file in your AutoStart
> folder in KDE.  I usually delete it the first time I log in.  If you click
> on a "CD ROM Device" desktop icon, it will automatically mount it anyway. 
> As far as mounting when you run another program goes, I don't really know.
>  I'd probably just write a script to mount it, run the app, and then
> unmount it.  Some programs might know enough to mount a CD if they need
> to.
> If you're using Gnome, sorry I can't help.  I'm guessing that there's
> something similar there.

Thanks Bob, this seams just the ticket... 

But now I do feel stupid... Given the obvious name of that file I shouldn't
have needed help to find it. 

I will say that I disagree with a comment found in the autorun.desktop
file though...

"Comment=Autorun - the CD-ROM mounter for the lazy user"

Cause this user is way to lazy to put up with Autorun...

Incidentally I disabled desktop icons. (I don't use icons so why should
they clutter up my desktop?) so anytime I'd have clicked on one I'm much
more likely to have typed a mount command <grin> And yes, If I DID find
myself having to manually mount a cd drive every time I used an application
program I most certainly would wrap it in a script. (my script names *ARE*
my icons...)

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