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RE: extremely OT: Old Farts, Old Cybers, and thanks for all the fish

> Greg writes:
> > Heh.. The first system I worked on was a CDC 6600(S/N 32),
> single cpu/131K
> > ...
> The machine room was locked, but the console operators sometimes let
> us in to the "Holy of Holies".  They had a control console with two
> round CRT text displays, which even then looked archaic.  There was an
> app that the operators ran to show off, that made an ASCII fish swim back
> and forth across the display.  Fairly lame, but they were proud of it.

Yeah those CRT's were odd. Actually there was some other things you could do
with those CRT's. Plus CDC had some "games" you could play either onthe
console or a remote terminal.

> I will probably see Andy Davidson, the CDC on-site maintenance engineer
> in 1975, at the Portland Linux Unix Group meeting tonight.  I will remind
> him of those days, and see how he remembers them.

That name sounds familiar.. He probably knows either my brother or sister
since all three of us worked for CDC.


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