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Re: gpart -Tool for recovering data from crashed HD

akonstam trinity edu wrote:
On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 11:33:07PM +0800, Dexter Ang wrote:

Ow Mun Heng wrote:

I've got a HD which seems to have problems. ( I can't boot from it)

I would like to know what tools are available to actually
perform some kind of data recovery or something.

Currently, I'm just booting into a copy of Knoppix and then mounting
the HD and copying (what can be copied) off the drive to another network location.

Sometimes it works. sometimes it just hangs at scp.


Is the HD still detected by the BIOS? If so, maybe it's just something screwy with the partition table. I've used "gpart" before. It automatically tries to detect the partition types on your harddrive, and recreates the partition table. I've done it on a dying HD before (one that kept losing knowledge of any partition). Booted up in Slackware, ran gpart from a floppy. That restored the partition table, booted up in Windows, backuped all files needed, then after a reboot the harddrive died. I didn't have a spare HD so I had to burn the data using Windows. And nope, MS's "fdisk /mbr" didn't work there.



I can't find gpart in fedora. Where is it or how does one get it.

It doesn't come with fedora. You can google for it. Which gives the first result as:


There's a downloadable statically-compiled binary there. It also comes with Knoppix. Before I had Knoppix I used Slackware and the download from that URL. Now I just use Knoppix.


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