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Re: Triple boot: Xp, Fedora & Redhat 7.2

Edwin Humphries wrote:

I currently have a dual boot machine with WinXP and fedora - works fine with GRUB as the bootloader.

I need to add a second hard disk with a RedHat 7.2-based application, and add this to the Grub menu.

How do I do that? I can't remember what the kernel version was with the drive: do I need to install it as the default drive and boot it to record the information?

Or can I install it as a slave, boot into Fedora, mount the partitions (somehow - instructions would be appreciated) and get the information for Grub from there?

You can do as you said: mount the rh7.2 partition from Fedora.. then , create a entry like this:

Title rh7.2 #not sure about the sintax of this line... just copy from other entries before this one
root (hd15,5) # where hd15 or any other number is bind in device.map to the device where rh7.2 and 155 is the partition number where rh7.2 is (remmember that it starts from zero..)
kernel vmlinuz-someversion ro root=LABEL=/ #or root=/dev/hdX
initrd initrd-someversion #if you have a initrd

I typed this from memory , so it may be wrong.. just take a look in the other entries in grub.conf... copy them and edit as you see fit..

Pedro Macedo

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