Bittorrent Client ??

Martijn Moret martijn at
Fri May 7 06:19:46 UTC 2004

> I am new to fedora-list, my id is wl44.<br>
> I realy like fedora, and can't wait to FC2<br>
> comes out......  The only problem I realy have<br>
> with FC is I can not find a Bittorrent Client (p2p)<br>
> that is linux based and is not deb <yuck> based.<br>
> Can any one tell me where I can download a bittorrent<br>
> gui bittorrent client that runs in FC? <br>
> I am using a Java based client as it is the only<br>
> one that works (sort of).<br>
> WL44<br>

Take a look at azureus (java client) works for me!


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