Fedora on SUN Ultra sparc10

T. Ribbrock emgaron at gmx.net
Fri May 7 07:07:48 UTC 2004

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 11:51:37PM -0700, boby wrote:
> can i install fedora on ultrasparc10 .

No, not currently. Fedora is still pretty much x86 architecture and does
not support the Sparc or UltraSparc CPUs. However, there is Aurora Sparc
Linux, which is based on RHL7.3 and runs quite well on an U10 - I had it
running on an U5 (which is an U10 in a different case) and an AXi (which
is an U10 with a different motherboard and SCSI).
You can find Aurora Sparc Linux here:


There are efforts to merge Aurora and Fedora, however, they're still
ongoing right now. Aurora is driven by Red Hat employees and volunteers
and as such is dependend on the time people can spare for it - like most
OSS projects... :-)

Other possible options for *nix OS on a U10 are:

- Debian (I think they still have a Sparc port)
- NetBSD
- OpenBSD (I'm running that on my firewall/server, which is a U5)
- and of course Solaris. The download is free (as in cost), but requires
  a licence which costs money, unless you've bought your U10 from Sun or
  an authorised dealer. There might be options to get a free licence by
  declaring the machine to be a developer's box, but that's a grey area
  I personally chose not to venture in.

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