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Re: Triple boot: Xp, Fedora & Redhat 7.2

Am Fr, den 07.05.2004 schrieb Pedro Fernandes Macedo um 06:01:

> You can do as you said: mount the rh7.2 partition from Fedora.. then , 
> create a entry like this:

> kernel vmlinuz-someversion ro root=LABEL=/  #or root=/dev/hdX
> initrd initrd-someversion #if you have a initrd

> Pedro Macedo

One important point missing: using partition lables - which is default
for Fedora Core 1 as well Redhat 7.2 - with more than one system you
have to either modify the kernel line to not use the label with the RH
7.2 system or (better) relabel the partition(s) used by RH7.2:

- run e2lable /dev/hdXY /72
  for the RH 7.2 / partition; having more partitions like i.e. a /boot
run too
  run e2label /dev/hdXY /boot72

- change the kernel line in grub.conf for RH7.2 to use the changed
partition label


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