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Re: Triple boot: Xp, Fedora & Redhat 7.2

On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 18:31, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Fr, den 07.05.2004 schrieb Pedro Fernandes Macedo um 06:01:
> > You can do as you said: mount the rh7.2 partition from Fedora.. then , 
> > create a entry like this:
> > kernel vmlinuz-someversion ro root=LABEL=/  #or root=/dev/hdX
> > initrd initrd-someversion #if you have a initrd
> > Pedro Macedo
> One important point missing: using partition lables - which is default
> for Fedora Core 1 as well Redhat 7.2 - with more than one system you
> have to either modify the kernel line to not use the label with the RH
> 7.2 system or (better) relabel the partition(s) used by RH7.2:
> - run e2lable /dev/hdXY /72
>   for the RH 7.2 / partition; having more partitions like i.e. a /boot
> run too
>   run e2label /dev/hdXY /boot72
> - change the kernel line in grub.conf for RH7.2 to use the changed
> partition label
> root=LABEL/72
> Alexander

Alexander, exactly how do these labellings work for dual/multi-boot
environments? On my system with a dual boot of FC1 and FC2t3, FC2t3's
grub.conf contains 'root=LABEL=/1' in the kernel line. As you mentioned
above, this means my /dev/hda11 has LABEL /boot1 and /dev/hda13 has /1.
Hmm, I think I need to read up on LABELs.. Any good docs you recommend?
man e2label doesn't tell me much. 

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