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Re: Followup to my anaconda+grub+dual-boot issues

Am Fr, den 07.05.2004 schrieb Matt Hansen um 10:55:

> So, I installed FC2t3 in a separate partition from FC1 so I can
> dual-boot them. However, this time I installed FC2t3's grub to the first
> sector of the boot partition so it wouldn't overwrite the existing
> bootloader configuration for FC1 et al. Next I set up a chainloader
> entry in FC1's grub.conf so that when I select that entry the grub
> screen for FC2t3 is displayed. So, this is all fine, but my question now
> is how can I get back to the FC1 grub menu once I've jumped to the FC2t3
> one? During installation of FC2t3, Anaconda realised I had FC1 on
> another partition and set up a grub entry for it as a chainloaded
> configuration, but when selected it produces an error 13 I think (forgot
> to write it down..). Will I have to set up a regular grub stanza for it
> with root,kernel,initrd? I was hoping to simply chainload it. 
> TIA and regards,
> Matt

Hi Matt!

I doubt you can go back once being in the chainloaded FC2t3 grub. Why do
you prefer that solution anyway?

I would just install a second Fedora Core and putting it's grub to the
MBR. The /etc/grub.conf has to have sections for both Fedoras. You just
have to care for the use of the LABEL feature. Therefor relabel the
partitions of the second Fedora installation using e2label following the
/boot will become /boot2 (while you should be able to share one /boot
partition, not certain about it)
/ will become /2
And change that in the kernel line for the second Fedora too.


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