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Re: recommending reiserfs?

On Thu, 06 May 2004 21:00:25 -0500
Randy Kelsoe <randykel swbell net> wrote:

> John Thompson wrote:
> >>You should never run fsck on an XFS filesystem. XFS has xfs_repair, 
> >>which will try and repair corruption.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Running fsck on an xfs filesystem shouldn't cause any problems.  fsck
> >will simply call fsck.xfs, which is functionally identical to the
> >"true" program (ie, "do nothing, successfully").  See "man fsck.xfs"
> >for details.

> So what's the point? According to the original poster (Ow), he ran
> fsck and it deleted a directory. It sounds like it DID do something; 
> something negative. 

fsck.xfs exists only because linux automatically runs fsck against all filesystems as part of the boot process. When fsck.xfs is run, it simply returns a successful message back to fsck so the boot process can continue.  When the boot process subsequently mounts the xfs filesystem, xfs_check is run to determine if the filesystem is "dirty" and then the journal is played back and/or xfs_repair will be called to do the actual fixing.


-John (john os2 dhs org)

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