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Re: Followup to my anaconda+grub+dual-boot issues

On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 20:20, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Hi Alexander,

> Hi Matt!
> I doubt you can go back once being in the chainloaded FC2t3 grub. Why do
> you prefer that solution anyway
> I would just install a second Fedora Core and putting it's grub to the
> MBR. The /etc/grub.conf has to have sections for both Fedoras. You just
> have to care for the use of the LABEL feature. Therefor relabel the
> partitions of the second Fedora installation using e2label following the
> scheme:
> /boot will become /boot2 (while you should be able to share one /boot
> partition, not certain about it)
> / will become /2
> And change that in the kernel line for the second Fedora too.

The problem is, as I described last week, choosing to install FC2t3's
grub in the MBR obviously overwrites my old grub.conf for FC1. Even
though it adds an entry for FC1, it's wrong because it adds it as a
chainloaded entry which FC2t3's grub fails to boot (presumably because
FC1 grub was overwritten??). That is why, by adding the FC2t3 to the 1st
sector of 1st partition, I can keep my old grub menu and simply select
the FC2t3 entry which is set to chainload the newly created FC2t3 grub.
Also, this eliminates the need for me to load up a rescue CD and
re-install grub to FC1's settings and have to manually edit it to add an
entry for the newly installed FC2t3. So my method *seems* like a better
or at least easier way. 

Do note, however that you mention relabelling the FC2t3 partitions with
say /2. But, the installation program already does this automatically -
I assume since I choose to leave existing partitions alone and install
to a fresh partition. So my grub.conf contains root=LABEL=/1 in the
kernel line for FC2t3.

Maybe I'm missing something here. :| Or maybe I should just get another
spare PC to load my test releases on! <g>

"Would you buy a car with the hood welded shut?"
 - Bob Young on the benefits of the open source development model.
mhelios - www.fedoraforum.org 

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