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FC2T3 User-Mode Linux root filesystem available for test

Good day, all,
	(For those not familiar with User-Mode Linux, please take a look
at http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net .  In short, it allows you to
run multiple virtual machines in a way similar to VMware.  Each VM can run
different linux kernels and/or different distributions, and these don't
have to match the main ("host") kernel and distribution at all.  Makes it
perfect for testing new distributions, hint, hint... :-)

	I've put together a new user-mode-linux root filesystem based on
Fedora Core 2 Test 3.  This, along with a standard Linux kernel, allows
you to start up Fedora Core 2 test 3 on top of an existing system without
having to change the host operating system at all.  The root filesystem is
a simple one with a core of client tools; you can certainly add anything
you'd like from the fc2t3 rpms.
	The root filesystem can be found at
http://www.stearns.org/uml-root/ (As of the time of this writing, the 0504
snapshot is the one to use).  If you don't have a precompiled UML kernel,
I have some 2.4 and 2.6 kernels at http://www.stearns.org/uml/ .  If
you're not familiar with UML and want an introduction to its use, please
see the main http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net site (mailing lists
there for questions) and my article at
http://www.stearns.org/slartibartfast/uml-coop.current.html .
	Bug reports with suggested fixes are encouraged.  I generally 
don't take requests to add packages unless their omission is a critical 
problem; anyone using the root filesystem can add their own favourite 
tools with "rpm -Uvh ..."
	For those that want gory details or want to build their own, the
scripts that build it can be found at http://www.stearns.org/mkrootfs/ 
(see functions, mkrootfs, and updateme).

	- Bill

        "Never argue with an idiot.  They drag you down to their level,
then beat you with experience."
(Courtesy of Martin Josefsson <gandalf wlug westbo se>)
William Stearns (wstearns pobox com).  Mason, Buildkernel, freedups, p0f,
rsync-backup, ssh-keyinstall, dns-check, more at:   http://www.stearns.org

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