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RE: Configure multiple ethernet interfaces


> If you know what your eth1 card is, then the first step is to 
> add something 
> like:
> alias eth1 3c509
> to /etc/modules.conf.
> Then create /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 and try 
> to bring up 
> the interface.
> However, I'm not clear on whether kudzu detected eth1 at all. 
> Try running 
> "kudzu" at the command prompt as root... you want kudzu to 
> detect it first, 
> then you can configure it.
> May not be a perfect answer, but it's all I got right now.

Thanks for the advice.  I've gleaned the same from reading docs and other
answers.  After removing the 4-port card, rebooting, letting kudzu remove
all settings, adding the card, rebooting and letting kudzu prompt me for all
settings, things are in much better shape.  It's been more work than I
thought it would, but I'll likely accomplish my goal this afternoon (a
little configuration left to do).

> If I may OT, which dual- or quad-port Ethernet cards would 
> you recommend?

I don't recommend any myself, as I'm doing much of this work for the first
time.  The person who built the machine, quite some time ago now, likes
Intel's 2-port card and Adaptec's 4-port card, a newer version of the 4-port
card that I mentioned in my original post.


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