[OT] The right list. (Was: need help putting Alsa on FC2T2)

Doug Robson cdrobsonjr at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 17:45:16 UTC 2004

Well, I TRIED subscribing to fedora-test-list three
times with no success !!!
That is why I resorted to using this list, which I was
already subscribed to, having started out with FC1.
Subscribing to both lists is a formidable undertaking
when you consider combing through all the traffic that
occurs on even one of these lists, let alone 2 !!!!!!
I opened another e-mail account specifically for the
purpose of subscribing to fedora-test-list to keep the
two apart.  Only I never received a confirmation to
my subscribe request and could therefore not utilize
the "correct" list.
I was not trying to abuse the intended purpose of this
being a stable release topic list.
Pardon me all to pieces.  Just trying to get some


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